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Studio Manager, a simple software program for your dance studio

At TripleThreat Software, we understand that you want thoughtful software that will work for you and make your life easier. Our goal is to simplify every aspect of managing your studio, not just with our software but with our always-friendly help, available 24/7 by telephone and email.

Not only are we the simplest and easiest software to use, without exception Studio Manager is also the most cost effective studio management software for any movement or performing arts studio. For the lifetime of the software, our clients are allowed unlimited number of students, 24/7 support, and software upgrades at no additional cost. There are no monthly or annual fees accrued after Studio Manager has been purchased. From the one and two year cost projections below, you can see that the majority of our competition continues to charge for the same services you receive from Studio Manager through your one time purchase cost.

Total Cost after First Year Total Cost after Second Year
Studio manager is the most cost effective software for your dance studio After your second year with Studio Manager, you will save thousands of dollars over the competition
The example above shows total costs after the first and second year of software ownership, using posted pricing as of 8/2009 for a studio with 150 students.

Please use the menus above and to the right to explore our website - be sure to visit our Get Help section and browse through our Support Portal. You can learn about TripleThreat Software and Studio Manager, or download a free trial copy and see Studio Manager in action.

If you have any questions, please call or email us!

Cole Getzler
Owner, TripleThreat Software

Why Studio Manager?
  • FREE upgrades forever
  • 24/7 lifetime phone and email support package
  • Simple setup
  • Unlimited number of classes
  • Unlimited number of students
  • Unlimited number of families
  • Send invoices out by email
  • Securely accept payments online
  • Automatically calculate family bills
  • Send mass emails directly from Studio Manager

Simple. Dance. Solutions that move your Studio. Designed for Dance Schools, Martial Arts and Performing Arts.