TTS is a hub for data solution entrepreneurship. Since the mid 90s, TTS has created useful, unique
and long-lived technology that solves complex data problems.

If you've bought a car part online from your favorite car brand or car dealer in the last decade, you likely used SimplePart's technology to do it. SimplePart powers $100m+ in annual Parts and Accessories eCommerce for 18 auto and motorcycle brands in the USA and Canada, as well as thousands of dealerships.

Enterprise SIEM and tools including agentless monitoring/alerting for SQL, WMI and SYSLOG, multi-server data synchronization and freeagent job scheduling system.

From 1997 through its peak in 2013, Studio Manager ran enrollment, billing, class and performance scheduling for more than 4,000 Dance Studios worldwide.



I'm a seasoned data architect, software engineer, entrepreneur and leader focused on solving complex problems in simple innovative ways. I started programming professionally at fourteen, and by sixteen I was coding for Lockheed Martin helping to engineer and build submarines - creating solutions with database software is my passion. Soon after that, while still in high school, I founded my first company to help some friends who owned a dance studio, creating software that studios are still using today. They gave me the name TripleThreat Software, and it's been the foundation for all of my other companies since. My love for cars led me to create SimplePart, now the industry leader in digital fixed ops, e-commerce program strategy, EPC management, and data services for the world's largest automotive and powersport brands. From code I wrote in a coffee shop in East Atlanta, I'm proud to say that SimplePart has grown to be a five-time Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies honoree with over 70 employees.

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